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Our mission

We increase your understanding of digital assets & the crypto industry to help you lead your organization through new possibilities.
Our team provides first-class educational programs and consulting services to bring your organization up-to-speed and enable you to make informed decisions.
Tailored consultative approach to give you the autonomy to gauge and seize opportunities in this fast growing space.
Our consultants are seasoned industry professionals, with extensive experience in asset management, trade execution, risk & compliance, crypto, blockchain and decentralized finance technology.

We support Institutions, regulated investors and family offices

Personalized choice of electives to focus on your key issues

Workshop sessions to discuss challenges and build knowledge

Tailored consulting approach to help you navigate the crypto asset class

Crypto Asset Class​

How to position your strategy towards this fast growing asset class.

Payment infrastructures​

Understand crypto based payment rails, use cases, added value and current developments.


Types and functions of stablecoins, how to approach them and to which purpose.

Non Fungible tokens & Asset tokenization​

Understand crypto based payment rails, use cases, added value and current developments.

OTC, exchanges, crypto funds

Build sound understanding on the different ways to execute your trades.

Custody & Security

How to set up appropriate custody solutions, security measures and processes, reporting systems.

DeFi protocols

Build understanding on the fast growing DeFi space and how to generate yield on your holdings.


Navigate through the latest regulations around digital assets and decentralized finance.

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