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You will learn about

The Digital Assets Ecosystem

Bitcoin, Ethereum, L1 blockchains, L2, types of tokens, stablecoins, protocols, exchanges,...

Custody and Security

Types of digital assets custodians, security considerations, technical and organizational perspective

Investments Strategies for Institutions

Buy & hold, derivatives, option strategies in crypto, structured products, cash equitization strategies, staking...

Digital Assets - Investment Vehicles

Spot, ETFs, ETPS, funds, BTC Trust, VCs, hedge funds...

Tokenized Assets

Stablecoins, tokenized real estate, tokenized precious metals, NFTs, fractional ownership, marketplaces...

Risk Management

Liquidity considerations, volatility, regulatory risks, tax management, process & organization...

Crypto Infrastructure

Payments rails, protocols, stablecoins use cases, entreprise blockchains, DAOs, ...

Decentralized Finance - DeFi

Smart contracts, DeFi protocols, major use cases, lending & borrowing onchain, demos and scenarios,...

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