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Sega will build the first blockchain game utilising its IP

The collaboration with Japanese blockchain business Double Jump Tokyo will result in a new Sangokushi Taisen game, according to 4Gamer.

Sangokushi Taisen is a Japanese real-time strategy game where players acquire actual cards to put on the playing field.

The new game, produced by Double Jump Tokyo using Sega’s IP, will employ blockchain technology, although it’s unclear how (though it may involve using it to record the ownership of each card).

Source: Video Games Chronicle

The game’s release date and platform are unknown, however it may be Sega’s first blockchain game.

Users may own, purchase, and trade digital assets like in-game items and artwork using blockchain data.

Nike and McDonald’s announced digital efforts last year, which boosted tech’s popularity.

Konami and Atari have begun selling digital things as NFTs, but the format’s enormous carbon impact and unscrupulous execution have drawn criticism.

Sega has been experimenting with blockchain and NFT technologies.

In January, it filed a trademark for ‘Sega NFT’, a week after CEO Haruki Satomi seemed to cool on the concept, realising the negative NFT environment.

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